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Z benefit, a lunch with Bill Polian at Colts training camp went for $6,460, says Peter King. Jim Caldwell talked about his defensive tackles and his new coordinator in this colts.com piece.
49ers4. Patriots5. Who is Jones to even suggest such a thing as a beating of the hind quarters of the defending Super Bowl champions?I just think it's worth remembering where this was said. Jones wasn't giving an interview or being asked to predict the division.
They need defensive help across the board. The draft is defensive-heavy at the top. So far he's thrown for just 155 yards, zero touchdowns and three interceptions in two exhibitions.Defending Cam Newton: A lot of eyes nationally will be on Newton, Carolina's No. 1 overall pick who will start at quarterback Thursday night.
But as you know, we've joined Detroit-area media members in discussing this possibility for the past week.[+ - Enlarge AP Photo/Tony GutierrezAdam Jones hasn't played in the NFL since the 2008 season.So on Wednesday, my question for Schwartz was this: How could a coach who endured Jones' act for two years in Tennessee be "definitely interested" in adding him to a team that he now has total responsibility for? I put it a bit nicer than that during the NFC coaches breakfast, but I wanted to know how much Schwartz will weigh his past experience into the decision-making process."There is something to be said for a clean slate," Schwartz said. "But he obviously doesn't have one.
I just checked all four NFC South team websites and each of them is showing a roster -- at the moment.Speaking of "uncertainty,'' there's a lot of it going around. This is the time of year when the NFL world generally gets ready for the annual spring meeting.
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Here is the relevant transcript from the teaam: (on what needs to change next year for the team to improve) "To be honest, I don't really know because obviously we had the right guys in here to win 13 ball games to get us up to that point. Whatever reason we didn't advance, I still can't put that over because I think we were a better team, we just didn't make the plays that needed to be made at the right time." (on if the team lost its edge in the last month of the regular season) "I don't think so. Like I just said, it comes down to making plays.
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almost like another tackle" and said "he will be the premier tight end in the NFL in the next few years."Fasano is next in the AFC East with 39 receptions for 528 yards and four touchdowns, but the stats plummet after that. Crumpler is next because of his blocking skills and knowledge he can make the play if the Patriots depended on it.From there, I sorted them based on speculation.Cumberland, an undrafted rookie, was deactivated for 15 games.
In the second half of the season, Fister had an American League-best 39 called strikeouts. Overall, 61 of his 137 strikeouts were called (44.5 percent), the second-highest percentage among American League starters (see chart).With Fister's ability to get called third strikes, will that impact whether Alex Rodriguez is in the starting lineup? He is 1-for-9 against Fister with three strikeouts, including an 0-for-4 in last season's ALDS.
But the Giants are obviously hoping that Sorgi never has to play a meaningful down, something that he's familiar with from his time with the Colts.I'm still trying to determine exactly how Sorgi injured his shoulder in '09 -- since he wasn't playing. There were rumors that it was a non-football injury, but even folks close to the situation haven't come up with an explanation.
"It doesn't pertain to me. It has absolutely nothing to do with me. Chris Mortensen says Peyton Manning's progress remains painfully slow. That there is no consensus from doctors about why his recovery from May neck surgery is way behind schedule.
New York would have to completely change its offense for Tebow, and that's too much to do in Week 14.I wrote Tuesday in the AFC East blog that it's time for Ryan to come home again and start Sanchez. Ryan and Sanchez entered New York together as a rookie coach and first-round pick in 2009.
Pouch pocket keeps hand warm. Made of 50/50 cotton/polyester blend for comfort and washability. Those things demoralize a team. The season becomes wildly successful if those things happen and Bulger also reestablishes himself..
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His job is to sit back, survey, and attack where needed. Although with the sophistication of some offenses, he will inevitably be required to "fill" on running plays, as he's often the only one unblocked.For more information, click the links below.Strong SafetyFree Safety Detailed InstructionVideo: How to TackleHow to Break Up a PassDisguising CoveragesSafety DrillsDirectional Backpedal drillBackpedal Drill With BagsPass Breakup Technique DrillSuggested ReadingFootball Position ProfilesFootball EquipmentFootball Diet and NutritionRelated ArticlesFootball Video Games 201 - Running, Defense, and Players as Weapons in...2012 NFL Draft - Strong Safety Rankings2003-04 NFL Playoff Team Profile - Dallas CowboysProper Football Fundamentals More Important Than X's and O's - Tips...Backyard Football - Football for KidsTop.
Payton addressed the media about his punishment for the Saints' bounty program on Tuesday.At that time, Payton said he was planning on spending only one day at the owners meetings. He said he's more focused on trying to get things in order before his one-year suspension begins April 1, although Payton also said he still is considering the possibility of appealing the punishment.NFL commissioner Roger Goodell previously said April 2 is the deadline for Payton to appeal.
Regular reader JonJuergensen has correctly noted in several comments that Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre has pulled back from the brink of his annual late-season production decline. In fact, Favre has a stunning 140.4 passer rating over his last nine quarters of play (plus one series in overtime Dec.
Buchholz Clay Buchholz allowed four home runs Sunday after allowing nine all last season. He's allowed 37 HR in his career, but 12 of those have come in three starts.The Angels have more extra-base hits (20) than runs (18).
today, at which time free agency begins.Should the Dolphins wait for Manning or pursue former Green Bay Packers and free-agent quarterback Flynn this afternoon while the Manning situation is still pending? It's an interesting dilemma.On one end, Miami still thinks it has a legit shot to land Manning, a future Hall of Famer. If word comes out the Dolphins are simultaneously chasing Flynn this afternoon, that may sway Manning's thinking about Miami's level of commitment.The Denver Broncos have Tim Tebow and won't be chasing Flynn today.
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ESPN's Adam Schefter reported the Lions will send the Jaguars a mid-round draft pick in return. The Lions released cornerback Justin Miller, presumably to create a roster spot for Thomas, but have not announced the trade.Burleson's injury left the Lions with only three receivers they felt comfortable playing. Against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, they used Calvin Johnson on 69 of 74 snaps, while Titus Young played on 68 snaps.
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Oakland showed promise, especially on offense, in a 34-31 win over Pittsburgh last week. The Raiders are 1-3.Manning shines: Denver quarterback Peyton Manning had his best game of the season as he picked apart a weak Oakland secondary.
He trails only Hall of Famers Willie Stargell (60), Mike Schmidt (49), Willie McCovey (48) and Hank Aaron (45).It was also Jones' 434th career homer, tying Juan Gonzalez for 37th on the all-time list. Vernon Wells' home run off A.J.
Yes, it's only the preseason. But it doesn't look good when Cincinnati's first team routinely fails to set the tone. You might have forgotten amid the NFL's labor chaos, but on a much quieter day last week I asked you for some help in this week's installment of the Jerseys offseason positional Power Rankings. Namely: Where should I rank quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who solidified his status as an elite quarterback last season during the Green Bay Packers' run to Super Bowl XLV.Your 791 comments were all over the map, but in the end I saw nothing to dissuade me from my original intent.
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There might be better rotations at other positions like tackle. Kansas City could always trade down and pick up a good player and an extra pick."Oakland RaidersShould the Raiders take a quarterback in the early rounds?"They have other needs, but if there is a guy like [Nevada's - Colin Kaepernick is there in the third round, that could be a good fit.
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Hasselbeck would fit in well with the 49ers. He knows the NFC West, obviously, and he's close to one of the 49ers' new coaches, Bobby Engram, from their years playing together with Seattle. Hasselbeck would benefit from the relatively strong ground game in San Francisco.
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Posted by Jerseys's James Walker Here are the most interesting stories Thursday in the AFC North: Former USC linebacker Rey Maualuga wants to answer critics after falling to the second round with the Cincinnati Bengals. Morning take: The Bengals potentially got a steal in Maualuga.
There is little chance for success on offense if the quarterback and top receiver cannot get along. This will be the job of head coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano to fix.Barring a dream scenario of New York acquiring quarterback Peyton Manning, neither player is going anywhere.
"Bat-downs are as good as sacks. [Or - if you can get him off his spot, force incomplete passes, pressure [him - . The league levied a three-game suspension against Lynch for gun-related violations a year later. Those violations fell under the personal conduct policy.
Was it a drop? Not really. Was it a play a top receiver should make most of the time? Probably.By ESPN's count, the Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and New York Giants each suffered from a league-high four drops in Week 1.Chicago, Jacksonville and Kansas City had three apiece.
They also dumped Chris Houston, whom they never felt was very aggressive, in a trade with Detroit.On paper, Robinson and Williams should be the starters. But the Falcons are also high on young corners Chris Owens, Brent Grimes and Chevis Jackson, and they'll all be in the mix.
I also make the case for Jacksonville offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, who got my third-place vote and finished fifth overall.Considering that I am on record selecting Koetter as my head coach if I assembled a staff from the AFC South pool of coaches, including the four head coaches, my vote should be no surprise. Indications were he was great in his interview with Denver, and only John Fox's prior experience got him the job ahead of Koetter.He was the No.
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5. That's a big swing from Wednesday when he had them taking Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly. I do have a chance to go with him into [the Super Bowl - ."The San Diego Chargers selected Brees with the 32nd overall choice in 2001, Williams' first season with the Bills.The Bills took cornerback Nate Clements with the 21st pick and also owned the 46th pick. As Williams explained to Sports Illustrated's Peter King in the fall, the Bills hoped to trade up to get Brees but couldn't find a willing partner."I almost pulled a hamstring in the draft room, jumping up and down because I was so mad,'' Williams told King.The Bills eventually drafted defensive end Aaron Schobel with the 46th pick.
In back-to-back weeks, Carolina narrowly has beaten very bad teams -- Tampa Bay and Washington. The Panthers have a home game with Buffalo next week and the Bills aren't exactly an elite team.I'm by no means convinced the Panthers have turned their season around or will turn their season around.
IRVING -- The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday.The most recent major deal the Cowboys made, sending three picks, including a first-rounder for Roy Williams in 2008, might go down as one of the worst in team history.Running back Tashard Choice or tight end Martellus Bennett could be dealt. Both players are in the last year of their contracts and while Bennett has underachieved, Choice isn't getting the playing time he desires.Demarco Murray was drafted this past spring to compete with Choice and while that hasn't happened on a consistent basis after four weeks, a trade could facilitate that."There's always a question with me," Choice said.
The 49ers put together a furious comeback to win at Philadelphia. They won at Cincinnati. I need to specifically apologize to the Bills, their fans, our fans and the NFL. I obviously have a great deal of respect for Ralph Wilson and the history we have shared.
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Young defensive players: It's looking like first-year cornerback Brandon Browner, a 27-year-old prospect from the CFL, could be the best option at right cornerback heading into the regular season. Second-year corner Walter Thurmond has made strides physically since last season, but he's still shaking off rust after missing stretches due to an injury during camp. He even muffed a punt Friday night.
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Eight Value-Priced All Inclusive ResortsPhoto © Teresa Plowright.Families love to vacation at all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico: they like knowing the price in advance, and they love the all-included meals and drinks, watersports and land activities, kids programs, as well as the beautiful beaches and pool complexes. See eight suggestions that are (relatively) budget-friendly.4. Ten Ways to Save Money on LodgingsPhoto courtesy of Hostelbookers.com.Share a large vacation home with another family, do a home exchange, stay in family rooms at hostels in Europe, try Airbnb....
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No doubt, some players were thinking "Boy Who Cried Wolf" when they heard the latest out of Minneapolis.Actually, Favre's decision (does anybody really believe it's final?) has an impact on the Jets. They face the Vikings on Oct.11, a Monday night game at the New Meadowlands Stadium."If he's not playing in Week 5, I'll be happy as heck," Rex Ryan said.
Ginn's still in the NFL.But disagreement is what makes these kinds of conversations so much fun. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. The Ravens would free up a total of $9 million in cap space by parting ways with them.I would've been on board with cutting ties with Boldin earlier this year, but he has made the decision more difficult recently. Over the past four games, Boldin has caught 23 passes for 369 yards (92.2 yards per game) and three touchdowns.Boldin, though, has always been valuable in the postseason.
If you recall, a group of veteran players implored Childress to reverse course, and eventually the team paid Williamson his full check. That experience is without a doubt hovering over Harvin's absence.I have no doubt the team expected him to return long before now.
Continuing a trend of NFC North general managers teasing us by calling press conferences to speak in elite-level generalities, Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson met with local reporters Friday. A day after Detroit general manager Martin Mayhew said he wouldn't make a decision on the No.
The most important thing in this situation is that Witten gets healthy, which means rushing back for an insanely early season opener might not be the best course of action. I am no doctor, as you well know, but it would seem to me that 11 extra days to rest a lacerated spleen would be a helpful thing..
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Philadelphia has made some terrible mistakes and now I see why coach Andy Reid is on the hot seat and there's been talk about benching quarterback Michael Vick.New Orleans cornerback Patrick Robinson, who has struggled all season, intercepted a Vick pass and returned it for a touchdown. The Saints also have gotten running backs Mark Ingram and Chris Ivory, who hadn't done much of anything prior to this game, involved and they've been producing some nice runs.The Saints haven't been dominant, but they've been opportunistic.
[Al - Davis shocked the NFL when he traded for Seymour totally out of the blue a week before the 2009 season started. The Raiders gave up their No.1 pick in the 2011 draft for Seymour," Williamson writes."The Raiders are 25-38 since making the trade, and they paid Seymour more than $40 million in salary and bonuses in his four seasons.
The Cardinals' 1947 championship had to make the list. The team did not win another playoff game for 51 years. Joe coming in really was a plus for us. We're going to need that.
Posted by Jerseys's Pat Yasinskas The Buccaneers have hinted all along they want to bring Josh Freeman along slowly. But the chances of the rookie quarterback getting on the fast track might have just improved. Jerseys's John Clayton reports that Freeman has agreed to a five-year contract worth $26 million (that could balloon to $36 million).
<!-- end player card -->The move could remove San Francisco 49ers free agent Carlos Rogers from consideration. It could affect the Rams' thinking toward LSU's Morris Claiborne with the sixth overall choice in the 2012 draft.
2 overall selection before taking the talented wideout from Oklahoma State.NFL scouting combine officials measured Blackmon at 6 feet and seven-eighths of an inch. Blackmon weighed 207 pounds.
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Sims-Walker worked harder for 91 receiving yards, catching eight of nine passes thrown his way in an efficient performance.The defense, meanwhile, had three takeaways, was strong on third down (holding Buffalo to three conversions on 11 attempts) and didn't allow a touchdown on three Bills' trips inside the red zone.Should the Titans beat Houston Monday night at Reliant Stadium, the Jaguars will stand alone in second place in the AFC South. But no matter the Texans' result, Jacksonville continues to rank as one of the league's surprises.The Jaguars have steered clear of "rebuilding," saying instead they've been revamping.A reasonable expectation for them this season was forward progress.With six games left, they've already eclipsed the win total from last year's disaster and they are surely one of the most unexpected members of the AFC playoff contenders conversation..
Dalton threw for 1,696 yards in the first half of his rookie season. Roethlisberger (1,450) and Flacco (1,464) didn't have to throw the ball as much because their teams had top-five rushing attacks in their first year.TOUCHDOWNS: Weeden is third on this list with nine.
The Denver Post is reporting that Jim L. Mora has pulled out of the running to become the Denver Broncos' defensive coordinator.He also told Philadelphia that he had withdrawn for consideration to be their defensive coordinator.
Although Byrd has been a ball hawk, he isn't a complete player yet and particularly needs to be better against the run. The most notable accomplishment in Byrd's favor is that he's a league leader, but that might not be the case when ballots are cast.But Byrd still deserves consideration for Bills MVP.
As the Minnesota Vikings field interest from stadium sites in Ramsey County and Minneapolis, a central question has yet to be answered: How much will a new facility cost in 2011 dollars?No official estimates have been announced for either site, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly how much public money the team would seek. But over at SavetheVikes.org, blogger Cory Merrifield has made an educated attempt at projecting costs.The bottom line: A domed stadium and associated infrastructure costs at the Ramsey County site in Arden Hills likely will fall between $1 billion and $1.2 billion.
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He was with the Washington Redskins for two seasons, then the New Orleans Saints for two seasons. The Cleveland Browns cut him late in training camp last summer, and he didn't hook on with another club.If Patten was any kind of answer for the Patriots' third-receiver needs, they would've brought him in at some point last year..
You have to memorize things. You have to get so you have reflexive recall. The Dolphins said in the spring that they liked their receivers group; clearly, those opinions changed after training camp and the preseason.<!-- INLINE MODULE --> NFL ROSTER MOVES Rosters have been trimmed to 53, and the regular season is almost here. Keep informed with this comprehensive list of moves from across the NFL.
He wore a T-shirt before last season's playoff game that featured a cartoon Raven giving an obscene hand gesture under the words "Hey Pittsburgh."So, Suggs didn't mince words when talking about Sunday night's game at Heinz Field.[+ - Enlarge Larry French/Getty ImagesTerrell Suggs has sacked Steelers quarterbeck Ben Roethlisberger 15.5 times in his career."They already declared war on us," Suggs said. "We're taking 53 men to the apocalypse and we ain't bringing flowers."Suggs loves this rivalry and it's not a coincidence that some of his best games have come against the Steelers.
Lewis announced this week that he would retire at the end of the season."That moment to walk out of that tunnel Sunday, every, every, every person that was a Ravens fan -- 1996 and to this day -- we will all enjoy that moment," Lewis said of his final home game. "We will all savor in that moment, and I can't tell you how I will feel when that moment comes.
I wouldn't rule anything out because it only takes one team to make something happen.But I'm thinking Peppers' age (30) and the current labor situation might work against him a bit. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can rule out any chance of him staying in the NFC South.The Saints won't be able to sign him because the rules currently in place eliminate the final four teams from signing unrestricted free agents unless they lose one of their own at a similar price tag.
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Catholic Schools in Queens and BrooklynThe Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens educates more than 70,000 students a year in 156 schools and 20 secondary schools.The Garden School in Jackson HeightsThe Garden School is a small co-ed, private school in Jackson Heights, Queens, which teaches students from pre-kindergarten through grade school and high school (pre-k to grade 12).St. Joseph School St. Joseph School is a Catholic school that goes from nursery through eighth grade.
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