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Рады приветствовать вас на новом форуме!
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6 spot.This scenario is more of a long shot in my mind, but given the past organizational tendencies in Cleveland and the attractiveness of Richardson as a draft prospect, it's possible the Browns could opt to add more assets (likely third-round picks) and address a need other than their backfield.Trading back makes little sense to me. Cleveland loses more than it gains in this scenario. The Browns need an offensive playmaker more than the top defensive player in the draft (Claiborne), and they can get a wide receiver with more speed than Blackmon later in the first round.
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Добавлено (05.11.2014, 08:42)
Regardless of the quality of opponent, erasing a 13-point deficit on the road is a sign of a strong team. As Week 2 closes, the Packers are 2-0 and tied with the Detroit Lions for the top spot in a very early NFC North division race.Injury update: The Packers reported that safety Nick Collins had "normal feeling and complete movement" in his extremities Sunday night following a scary moment in the fourth quarter.
Jbizzi from Kansas City is among those asking why Football Outsiders' projections call for the San Francisco 49ers to finish around 7-9 this season.A reference to the projection appeared in a July 20 blog entry posted by editors while I was on vacation. While it's natural to expect some drop for the 49ers following their 13-3 season, Football Outsiders' projection does seem a bit extreme."How are statistical models put together by various outfits?" Jbizzi writes.
We got our first glimpse of coordinator Rob Chudzinski's offensive system Saturday night when the Carolina Panthers opened their preseason against the New York Giants.It didn't look much like schemes previous coordinators Jeff Davidson and Dan Henning ran under former coach John Fox. There were passes to the tight ends, a reverse to Armanti Edwards and some downfield throws.And that was just a first glimpse.
The only thing that could derail New England is a significant injury to quarterback Tom Brady. Otherwise, there's no reason New England won't be AFC East champs again this year.Second place: Buffalo BillsThoughts: Second and third place was the toughest call to make.
McDaniels, 33, was much more than a bystander in the Patriots' historic run. He was the offensive coordinator of the record-breaking unit. Branch recently underwent a cleanup operation on his knee. Newly signed cornerback Ken Lucas picking off a pass in his first practice with the Seahawks since the 2004 season.
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"... So that's what we're looking to instill in our veteran players, and evidentially, he wasn't that veteran leader here, having our guys watch the tape. So we're going to work on getting the veteran leaders that are now here to have our guys watching more tape because he provided the blueprint."Good stuff in both directions.It's reasonable for Taylor to say that he discovered new things when he joined a three-time Super Bowl winner after 11 seasons with the Jaguars.And it's also reasonable for Del Rio to question that discovery in the context of how it might have helped his team had it been made in the old setting.Here's the Q&A with Taylor that got this started.
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Добавлено (05.11.2014, 08:42)
Beyond that, Taylor said he doesn't have a wish list."There are a few teams that are not on the list," Taylor explained while taking a break from a two-day football camp for local boys and girls. "We can all figure out which ones those are, but I have no top three."Taylor was asked about the Jets, a team for which he hasn't hidden his disdain over the years. Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero reported the Jets have shown "significant interest" in Taylor, who spent 11 years with the Dolphins."It'd be very, very, very difficult.
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Добавлено (05.11.2014, 08:42)
35 overall, where the Cincinnati Bengals are slotted. Why is Dalton's stock rising? Take a look at the video below, an excerpt of Dalton's QB camp with ESPN analyst Jon Gruden."You're going to get a winner, something I've done basically my whole football career," Dalton said.Gruden's only piece of criticism is noting an instance in the Rose Bowl when Dalton, hoping to extend a 14-0 lead over Wisconsin, missed a wide-open receiver in the flat while forcing a pass downfield."Make a note young man," Gruden said. "You're going to have a checkdown in this offense."Otherwise, Gruden calls Dalton "one of the great decision-makers in college football history."Earlier: Gruden puts Auburn quarterback Cam Newton through his ringer..
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Добавлено (05.11.2014, 08:42)
Players with bonuses larger than $100,000 would receive 50 percent of the total amount, not to exceed $100,000.The chart below shows NFC West players with workout bonuses of $200,000 or more. Stacy Andrews, Nate Clements and Joey Porter stand out as players with less certain roster statuses heading toward the 2011 season..
The elder Demoff also has a long-standing relationship with John Shaw, who remains close to Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom after resigning as team president. Chris Long, the player St.
10 he will be able to take the player he likes best -- not the player he likes best who addresses the team's biggest need.Cue the applause.With Kampman and receiver/special-teamer Kassim Osgood, the Jaguars have already done better in free agency than I imagined they would or could. If they do nothing else but wait for the draft now, that'd be fine.Though locking up their own defensive end free agent, Reggie Hayward, who was also hurt last year, would be another good move..
That victory might have pacified Blank.But what I heard from Blank made me think he's an owner who realizes he has a good coach and general manager in place and they have the Falcons close to where they want to be. I don't think the Falcons are going to simply stand still, but I don't think you're going to see the kind of panicked moves we've seen from other owners when their teams have been coming up short of where they want to be.I think Blank is more patient than he was in his early days as an NFL owner.
Their running game has responded initially. That will put them right back in the game offensively if it continues.. LANDOVER, Md. -- It's hard to imagine the Washington Redskins playing a lot better than they just played in that first half ...
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